Introducing the Romanian Association of Green Roofs, Walls and Façades

The current social structure is characterized by a strong increase in urbanization, the demands of modern life resulting in an increasingly crowded and constantly evolving urban environment, which has a number of negative effects on the environment.

The permanent expansion of inhabited spaces results in the restriction of the natural environment and green spaces, which occures a series of negative effects, such as Urban Heat Island Effect, atmospheric pollution, overloading of urban sewage systems, reduction of biodiversity in the absence of natural habitats and so on. These phenomens negatively affect the quality of life in the urban environment.

Recognizing the magnitude of these problems, our association is passionately dedicated to finding the optimal solutions to bring nature back into the built environment, to provide biodiversity in the multitude of gray constructions. Greening buildings provides an excellent opportunity to create as many as possible natural habitats in urban environments, using to maxime the available built surfaces.

The objective of the association is the active and conscious involvement in the implementation of a new approach of using the urban spaces, supporting the establishment of green areas on roofs and walls. Thus, by actively participating in the
creation of a more sustainable and ecological environment, we contribute to creating a
quality habitat for people and animals by bringing nature back into the urban environment.

To ensure that professionals working in the field have support and constructive standards to follow, our main objectives include the integration into Romanian legislation of international regulations and norms on the construction of green roofs and facades. In order to achieve this goal and to ensure investment in quality green spaces, clear standards for the construction and performance assessment of green roofs and facades need to be established. We will therefore promote the initiation of proposals for legislation to help encourage government and fiscal incentives for investment in green building, to stimulate their adoption and implementation and to ensure the sustainable development of the sector.

To bring significant changes in the industry, the association intends to develop strong partnerships with public authorities, companies and other organizations that promote green construction, thus facilitating the implementation of green solutions in practice.

Introducing the Romanian Association of Green Roofs, Walls and Façades

Another important direction of action for the association is the presentation and promotion of the many ecological advantages of green constructions, therefore special emphasis is placed on raising public awareness of the benefits that these constructions offer.

In addition, our association aims to develop a functional network that provides accessible, high quality technical assistance and professional support from the design stage through to the completion of construction, connecting those involved in building green buildings. Awareness of the importance of maintenance and upkeep of green roofs and facades translates into sustainable and durable projects that will contribute to the long-term improvement of the built environment.

Our association participates as a neutral and professional expert in resolving disputes
between different entities involved in the design and construction of green roofs and
facades. We are actively involved in dispute resolution and offer objective and specialized advice to achieve appropriate solutions.

In order to keep up with the latest innovations and to offer optimal and efficient
solutions, our association invests in research and development of innovative technologies and materials for green constructions, irrigation systems and planting schemes for green roofs and facades. At the same time, we support new development technologies and facilitate professional research, we work closely with universities
and research centers to identify and solve specific problems in the field. At the same
time, we are committed to promoting professional development among specialists. In this context we offer training courses and certificates for professionals in the field.

We believe it is essential to build a strong community of dedicated and competent experts to help achieve our shared ambitions. These professionals will have the opportunity to continuously expand their professional experience, will be informed about the latest technologies, trends and practices in green construction, and will share their
experiences and opinions. To encourage this development and exchange of knowledge, we organize conferences, seminars and specialized events to inform and connect professionals in the field. We attach great importance to collaboration with ecological
organizations in order to protect and conserve urban biodiversity. We also support the combined use of different green systems in green buildings, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, in particular combinations of green roofs and photovoltaic panels, as this integrated approach allows us to achieve greater energy efficiency.

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